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We Specialise In Injection
Molding Machines & 
Auxiliary Equipment

T.W Machinery & Trading Sdn Bhd is a reputed company engaged in distributing injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment. Since the company’s establishment in 1995, we have striven to meet the demands of our customers around Asia, offering machinery with ensured satisfaction. Our dedication towards work and respect to our fellow clients and customers has resulted in a lifelong professional relationship.


We offer a wide range of injection molding machines that comes in various sizes. All of our injection molding machines are made from cutting edge technology and world recognized brands such as Hishiya, Mitsubishi, JSK, Kawaguchi, Meiki, Niigata, Sumitomo, Nissei, Toshiba and Toyo. These machines are widely used in manufacturing various kinds of plastic components with proper accuracy at a high-speed rate. We also supply auxiliary equipment for injection molding machines such as air compressor, cooling tower, granulator, chiller, auto loader and lots more.  Apart from our major machinery supplying business, we also specialize in refurbishment of used injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment. The machinery is modified, overhauled and recondition based on customer’s requirement and supplied with guarantee.

Quality is our topmost priority and we constantly ensure that all our machines and equipment follow the international quality standards. The machines and auxiliary equipment are stored in clean and ideal conditions to keep the products free from any defects. Our team always ensures to conduct stringent quality tests on the machines and equipment before the final delivery.  

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